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We provide accounting services to companies and individuals in the construction, trade, IT services, logistics, real estate, tourism, manufacturing, and other business sectors.

Elgos Finanses Ltd. accounting services will provide you with effective accounting, financial and tax accounting that is relevant to your business. We also offer legal services related to establishing business, changes in registration data and liquidation.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of accounting and finance. The employees of Elgos Finanses Ltd. have insured professional civil liability, which gives our clients additional security guarantees. We provide high quality accounting services in accordance with the interests of our customers, the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and international accounting standards.

Companies using the accounting services of Elgos Finanses Ltd. do not need to spend time and money on selecting professional accountants, furnishing their workplaces, as well as purchasing accounting software - you get it all at once by becoming our customer.

Accounting Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Accounting of companies and self-employed persons
  • Calculation of salaries, leave and sickness benefits
  • Checking, sorting and recording of source documents
  • Completion of personal income tax return
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns and reports to the SRS
  • Preparation of financial reports for company management
  • Analysis of the company's financial position
  • Preparation of operational financial statements for banks, leasing, tenders, etc.
  • Preparation and submission of statistical reports
  • Preparation and submission of the annual report to the SRS
  • Customer interest representation in the SRS

Consulting and Auxiliary Services

  • Development of the company's accounting policy
  • Consultations on tax calculation and application
  • Consulting on accounting, concluded contracts and document circulation
  • Tax application advice on planned transactions
  • Development of personnel records documentation within the services provided
  • Preparation of financial documents necessary for receiving loans
  • Renewal of accounting
  • Making bank payments

Legal Services

Juridiskie pakalpojumi
Preparation of documents for company registration

Company Registration and Operation

  • Preparation and registration of the company's incorporation documents
  • Developing amendments, changes and additions to the registration documents
  • Preparing an application for VAT registration
  • When choosing our services for new business registration, you will also receive advice on the type of business and tax regime that best suits you.
Juridiskie pakalpojumi
Preparation of insolvency proceedings documents

Corporate Insolvency and Liquidation

  • Preparation of application for insolvency proceedings of legal and natural persons
  • Preparation of creditors' claims in insolvency proceedings
  • Preparation of documents for liquidation of the company

Accounting Software EF1

Elgos Finanses Ltd. offers the Accounting Software EF1, provides training and technical support. The Software is designed specifically for accounting outsourced service providers, from accountants working from home to accounting services companies with a large customer base, data volume and a diverse structure of businesses they provide their services to. The Software makes it easy to turn accounting into an efficient production process.

Structure and Principles of Operation

  • Accounting base units
    • Financial accounting (debtors, creditors, currencies, multiple account schemes...)
    • Fixed assets and inventory
    • Salary calculation
  • Reporting principles
    • Uniform reporting and parameter setting form
    • o Multi-level reports with the possibility to automatically move to a lower level down to accounting of operations
    • All reports can be converted to Excel or PDF
    • Possibility to send any report to the customer’s e-mail with one click
  • Data exchange
    • Reading data from the bank account extract in FDX (Financial Data Exchange) common standard or ISO-20022 format
    • Import of customer issued documents (invoices, waybills, a. o.) EF1 XML format
    • Preparing reports (VAT, PIT, SSIA a. o.) for sending to EDS
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Legal Services
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Accounting Software
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Elgos Finanses Ltd.

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